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What is yoga?

Yoga means union with the supreme and it was shared to us in the Bhagavadgita by Sri Krishna Bhagawana. Yoga can also be meditation, breathing, postures and concentration which can lead you to Samadhi which is union with the divine. Yoga is for God realisation. See the diagram to the left which can be found in the Pantanjali’s Yoga Sutras and was left for us by the great sage Pantanjali around 400CE. This text is about Yoga and shows us how to achieve enlightenment through the 8 limbs of yoga.

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Join our partners at the Wellness Hub in Northampton where they currently offer chair Yoga and will be looking to offer a Pantanjali Yoga course in the near future. We will also offer guided meditation and regular yoga in the near future check here for updates and to register your interest.

About chair yoga with Ajay at the Wellness Hub Northampton.

The aim of this unique practice is to acquire tools to aid well-being that have been time tested. Also, you will get to know different parts of the body, exercise all the muscles and joints, balance the nervous system [come to understand the ‘relaxation response’ to combat stress], create a tranquil mind and energise the body.

It is a 90-minute class with 45 minutes of warming, mobilising the body and different yoga postures. There is then a 20-minute relaxation exercise followed by a 30-minute guided energy balancing meditation. After the end of class, [optional – up to 30 minutes], there is an opportunity to sit together, have a cuppa and chat.

Majority of the practice is done on the chair and a little whilst standing. You do not need to be in any special clothing/outfit.

It is for all adult age groups as well as those new to yoga. The class size is small and there can be a one-to one session is available, too, upon request.

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Please visit to wellness hub to book a session here and see for prices and timetable.

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