What we do

Karma Yoga Through serving others

Karma is a Sanskrit word meaning action. We are all aware of the terms good karma and bad karma or sayings such as “what goes around comes around”, therefore Karma also refers to the effects of the actions you take.

Bhakti Yoga Through spiritual satsang

This unconditional love for the Lord that will engulf your mind and will ultimately lead you to seeing the oneness of the lord everywhere, the omnipresence of the lord, which is the highest form of Bhakti.

Dhyana Yoga Through meditation

Dhyana Yoga or Raja Yoga is meditation and meditation is needed to quieten and control the mind thus becoming the master of the senses.

Jnana Yoga Through the study of Vedanta

Jnana Yoga is knowledge and it is the philosophical side of Sanatana Dharma. Jnana yoga frees one from ignorance, that is ignorance of the true self by given you the knowledge of the true self.

Health Through Ayurveda

Ayurveda believes that disease in the main stems from your mind, your diet and your lifestyle. It is believed in Ayurveda that when we get you back to a balanced state or as close to it as possible then we should be able to eliminate the disease / disorder that is affecting you and therefore stopping the root cause of the disorder from re-appearing.

Wellness Through Yoga

Yoga means union with the supreme and it was shared to us in the Bhagavadgita by Sri Krishna Bhagawana. Yoga can also be meditation, breathing, postures and concentration which can lead to Samadhi which is union with the divine

What we do….

Karma Yoga – Selfless service

Help cleanse and purify your mind through serving others. You can volunteer with us here to help at one our functions at the Wellness Hub in Northampton or in London at the Sanatana Cultural Society, click here to register your interest. Alternatively why not volunteer with our partner NGO – Go Dharmic who have offer feeding services to people in need all over the world, click here to register or donate to Go dharmic….

Bhakti Yoga – Devotion

Our satsangs are needed to connect with the spiritual side of yourself through Bhajan, Puja, Agni Havan and Katha’s. Join us in person at our satsangs at both the Wellness Hub in Northampton or in London at the Sanatana Cultural Society. To learn more about our satsangas, see our calendar and for registration for an event please click here.

Dhyana Yoga – Meditation

We believe in time for the mind and here at the Wellness Hub in Northampton we offer you the right space and conditions for your mind to unwind. Join one of our guided mediation classes either in person or remotely via zoom, click here to book.

Jnana Yoga – Knowledge

Join us for our classes on Vedanta where will primarily focus and study the Bhagavadgita, Brahmasutras and Upanishads along with supporting texts such as Ashtakvakra Gita, Drg Dresha Viveka, Yoga Vashistha and many more. Again, you can join in person ta the Wellness Hub in Northampton or in London at the Sanatana Cultural Society or via zoom, see what classes our currently available and book here.

Yoga & Ayurveda – For a healthy mind and body

Book here for our Yoga sessions either in person with our partners at the Wellness Hub in Northampton or alternatively you can join remotely via zoom. You can also book an Ayurvedic consultation with our partners at the wellness hub in Northampton or book a remote consultation via zoom. Book here or contact us for more information.