Karma Yoga – Selfless Service

What is Karma Yoga?

Karma is a Sanskrit word meaning action. We are all aware of the terms good karma and bad karma or sayings such as “what goes around comes around”, therefore Karma also refers to the effects of the actions you take.

Everything we do can been seen as Karma or actions such as, speaking, breathing, thinking, movement etc and all of these actions have a karmic effect in the future. Therefore what we do today is the cause of what happens in the future and what we are going through today is the effects of past actions.

In Karma Yoga we look at the creating actions that purify ones mind by doing good deeds without looking for rewards – this is termed as selfless actions. By doing good deeds such as selfless service to others we create good karma for ourselves in the future whether it be in this life or the next.

However there is an even greater reason for us to do this type of action, and that is, because it will purify ones mind and this will inevitably lead to furthering ones spiritual journey which ultimately results in breaking free of the karmic bondage and free us from the cycle of birth and death.

This freedom can be achieved in this very lifetime, liberating each one of us from the pain and suffering of worldly life thus transcending one to a place of spiritual bliss.

Your Karma Yoga

To begin you good karmic journey, simply go out today and help others and expect no reward in return. You can easily begin by helping one person everyday and you will begin to see the positive effects on your mind. You can also join with us and serve the community by joining one of our feed the homeless campaigns with are partners in Northampton or London or working with our partner Go Dharmic who have their feed everyone campaigns worldwide – click here for more information. You can also visit us at our partners centres in London or Northampton and offer your help at one of our satsangas or feeding campaigns. Register your intertest here.

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